It all began in the Late 90s

Dr. Greene the creator of beKissable graduated from Morgan State University in Baltimore, Maryland. She was then selected to be a Fulbright Scholar, one of the most prestigious awards programs in the world. This allowed Dr. Greene to continue her studies at the University of Waikato in New Zealand. Following her studies abroad, she successfully completed the prestigious graduate program at the University of Maryland Dental School and went on to establish multiple dental practice’s in Atlanta, GA. Dr Greene’s commitment to her clients’ oral health, educating, the public and building self-esteem and general well being led her to create the "Kissable" a designer line of oral care products. Initially available only to Dr. Greene’s private dental clients, Kissable is now being made available for sale directly to the general public.

Indulge your mouth … Naturally

beKissable cranberry extract in the Kissable line is an all-natural ingredient that acts like a protective coating for teeth, making it difficult for cavity causing bacteria to cling to tooth surfaces. Other active ingredients include Aloe Vera, long known for its moisturizing effect on skin and its ability to help heal wounds, is also a key ingredient in Kissable. Its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties combine with powerful antioxidant characteristics to boost health for gums and mouth tissues. Also Xyitol, a natural sweetener, derived from fruits and vegetables as an alternative to many other artificial ingredients found in other toothpastes

Introducing "Kissable" a boutique toothpaste of the highest quality ingredients, chosen for their cleansing, restorative, and freshening properties. The most exciting of the natural ingredents used in Kissable's Mango, Orange, Pineapple is, cranberry extract. Research has shown the cranberry acts like Teflon® for teeth, making it difficult for the bacteria that causes cavities to cling to tooth surfaces...

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professionally create and maintain a beautiful white smile in the pri-vacy of your home, office, car, or basically "where-ever / when-ever" you choose

Professional Strength 12% Hy-drogen Peroxide.
3x Stronger 4x Faster than Car-bamide Peroxide.
No Sensitivity.
Easy to Use.
Works While You Sleep.

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“Kissable will help you Get and keep; Healthy, Beautiful, Teeth and Gums”